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lördag 23 oktober 2010

Black Joker - Watch Out!

Spencer Clark from The Skaters solo project.


Pacific Rat Temple Band - Tan Kim (Boa Paradise)

Pacific Rat Temple Band is a new devotional-exotica outfit birthed from the brainwaves of Mr James Ferraro of The Skaters. Parts of this sound like Martin Denny plays Martian folk music, with cyborg-sad Hawaiian melodies given helium overhauls while what sounds like speedy zips of modal fuzz, waterfalls of hand-drums and endlessly beaming keyboard melodies slowly recede into the distance.

Princess Nikotin - blessing a child

Hey, sorry for being inactive for a while!
but here's Princess Nikotins latest release.

Track 1. Haunted

Track 2. blessing a child

Download all songs and complete artwork here